PEO are paid $250.00 per election day. Chairpersons are paid $325.00 per election day. All officials are also paid $25.00 for attending training prior to the election. Mileage is paid for actual expenses to and from the school of instruction and to and from the polling place, if over 5 miles. Mileage reimbursement is based on the current federal rate. If you are chosen to work, you will need to provide a social security number to receive payment.

Requirements for serving as a PEO

What does a PEO do?

How am I notified about working the election?

You will receive notification by mail before each election. You may not be called for every election, since there are several workers per party in each precinct and we rotate workers between elections. You may decline to work an election for which you are unavailable.

As a member of the Election Official Board, you may be called upon to work in any election that may be held in the county. You will most likely be called to work in your own precinct, but you may be asked to work at another precinct if needed elsewhere.

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